I was born in 1981 and I live in Dalstorp, Tranemo and in Skärholmen, Stockholm (Sweden). The novel Tjänster i hemmet is my debut novel. Det omöjliga vittnandet is a re-written version of my PhD thesis in Philosophy of education. During 2020 the book The Pedagogical Possibilities of Witnessing and Testimonies – Through the Lens of Agamben will be published by Palgrave Macmillan.

I am working as a senior lecturer in Education at Södertörn University, the School of Culture and Education, Stockholm. I am also project leader for the literary scene Sjuhärad text at Textival that arranges literary readings around the municipality of Tranemo, an area called Sjuhärad.


Contact me at: marie.hallander@gmail.com

Image:  ©TinaAxelsson 


Image on front page: Fabrikens lunga, Frida Hållander, 2019, Rejmyre Art Lab.